We made a Video!

CD's are Now Available Online!

Thanks to the ease of PayPal, you can now purchase your copy of "Old Time Religion", "An Almost Acapella Christmas" and "Chariots" online. Please click on this link to Buy Now

Actually, WE didn't, but the great folks at Crocodile Productions hung out with us in the studio, at a few gigs, and interviewed us. The result can be seen here: The Five Guys "Revealed". Thanks so much to Barb and Gary for their hard work and amazing talent. Please feel free to comment on YouTube, we always love to hear your responses.

Old Time Religion CD will drop in November

We were in the studio a few times in the spring and summer, and we've got 14 new tracks all snuggled together into our new CD: "Old Time Religion". For anyone who has ever requested the 'Squirrel' to take home with them, it's on here! We are working on the cover photos and artwork, then it's off to the magical land where CD's get produced. We hope to have it in our hot little hands in November. Please feel free to pre-order your copy at this link: Order Now


In case you didn't already know, we have a Facebook page also. Head over there to chat, comment and connect with the Guys.

The Five Guys is an a capella vocal group that perform all throughout South Western Ontario. We sing mostly gospel and sacred music, but we also have some secular pieces in our repitoire, and are always looking to expand our horizons.

Where Can You Hear Us?

If the CD isn't enough for you and you want to take in one of our live shows, please check out our schedule. We were pretty busy this fall, but the winter months are generally pretty slow. Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to perform at an event for you. Each scheduled event will be added to our online dates list as we get it, so feel free to pick one that's close to you and come join us. There are also links to some videos of us performing that you can listen to, right here on the website under the video gallery tab

The Guys

Just who are The Five Guys? Why did I only see four of you on stage a couple of years ago? What's the history of this fine group? Just follow the "the guys" link and find out.